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Ordinary Diploma in Pharmaceutical Sciences (Upgrading)

Ordinary Diploma in Pharmaceutical Sciences (Upgrading)

Course Duration

1 Year




Diploma Upgrading

Entry Requirements

Holders of Certificate of Secondary Education Examination (CSEE) with four (4) Passes in non-religious Subjects including “D” Passes in Chemistry and Biology, a Pass in Basic Mathematics and English Language is an added advantage AND must possess a  Technician Certificate (NTA Level 5) in Pharmaceutical Sciences.

Academic Year

2021 - 2024


1,7000,000 Tshs per year

Teaching and assessment

Each level shall consist not less than two Assignments, Tests and one End of semester Examination. Some modules will be done theoretically and/or practically.

All practical modules will be done at college compounding Laboratory as well as pharmacy practice sites. The following are examination regulations;

Students Progression and Disposal

  1. The semester shall be the basic academic audit unit. All modules offered during the semester shall be assessed within that semester, at the end of each module external examiners or moderators shall be invited at the end of the semester. A student shall be allowed to proceed to the next semester if he/she passes end of module examinations in all modules with at least 50% per module as prescribed in a semester.
  2. For every module there shall be at least two continuous assessment (CA) tests and regular assessment of competencies which shall constitute 60% of summative assessment. The end of module examination shall constitute another 40% of the summative assessment.

Supplementary Examination

  1. A candidate who fails one or more modules shall be allowed to sit for supplementary examination if his/her GPA in that End of semester is not less than 2.0.
  2. A candidate who fails one or more modules must sit for supplementary examinations when scheduled before proceeding to the next semester. The student who passes a supplementary examination will be awarded a maximum of “C” grade regardless of his/her score (equivalent to 50% score). The passing of supplementary examination shall take into account the continuous assessment scores.

Repeating the Semester

  1. A candidate who fails to obtain an average of 50% in his/her continuous assessment shall repeat the semester.
  2. A candidate who fails supplementary examination(s) shall repeat the semester. A candidate who fails a repeated semester shall be discontinued from studies.
  3. A candidate who fails to meet a minimum of 90% attendance in a particular semester with acceptable grounds as determined by the participatory organs shall repeat the semester.


  1. A candidate who fails to meet a minimum of 90% attendance in a particular semester without acceptable grounds shall be discontinued from studies.
  2. When a candidate misses examination(s) without valid reason(s) shall be discontinued from the studies.
  3. A candidate who obtains a semester GPA of less than 2.0 shall be discontinued from studies.
  4. A candidate who does not appear for supplementary examination(s) without compelling reason(s) approved by participatory organs shall be discontinued from studies.
  5. A candidate found guilty of an examination irregularity shall be discontinued from studies.
  6. A candidate who has been disqualified from an examination following his/her walking out of the examination room in protest shall be discontinued from studies.

Career Opportunities

The era we are living is an exciting time to pursue a career in Pharmacy and without doubt a graduate will have a wide range of career opportunities as shown below.

  • Hospital Pharmacy
  • Community Pharmacy
  • Nuclear Pharmacy
  • Industrial Pharmacy
  • Military Pharmacy
  • Regulatory Authorities
  • Research and drug discoveries
Details First Year
Tuition fee 1,700,000/=
Application fee 30,000/=
Registration fee 20,000/=
NACTE quality assurance fee 15,000/=
Examination fee 250,000/=
Medical fee

*Only applicable For those

who don’t have any health insurance

Research /field practice fee 200,000/=
Caution money 10,000/=
Students union fee 30,000/=
Uniforms 127,000/=
Identity card 15,000/=
Graduation fee 50,000/=
TOTAL 2,497,400/=
Accomodation (Hostel)

Before 15th Oct 2020

Second installment

Before 15th Dec 2020

First installment

Before 4th March 2021

Second installment

Before 4th June 2021

 Fees (per year) payable in four installment s 770,400/= 450,000/= 650,000/= 400,000/=


230,000/= 230,000/=
PST06101 Leadership and Management 12
PST06102 Counselling and Guidance Skills 8
PST06103 Pharmaceutical Production 20
PST06104 Health and Medicines Policy 7
PST06105 Health Financing 12
PST06106 Pharmaceutical Public Health 8
PST06207 Entrepreneurship 12
PST06208 Operational Research 24
PST06209 Monitoring and Evaluation of Medicines Use 12
PST05210 Pharmacy Practice 5
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